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VIP Experience

Your VIP Experience begins with a deeply relaxing gong bath and chakra balancing in our pyramid gong chamber. Lying in the centre of the 3 metre tall copper pyramid, you’ll feel a sense of floating as your mind, body and spirit are bathed in the relaxing sound of the gongs and balancing rays of light from the chakra light.

A new addition to the VIP Experience are the spa’s giant healing crystals, which now form an integral part of our pyramid gong chamber. The masculine obelisk rose quartz crystal, sits between your crown chakra and the 42 inch air gong, which represents Father Sky. The feminine sphere rose quartz crystal, sits between your sole chakras and the 42 inch earth gong, which represents Mother Earth. A smaller heart shaped rose quartz crystal will be placed in the centre of the chest during the treatment. Rose quartz is the stone for unconditional love and infinite peace. Its the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra.

To round off your PandoraSpa visit, your VIP Experience includes a session on F-DECK with PandoraStar. Example programs shown below…

  • Hypnagogia

    Alpha-theta brainwave entrainment for grounding, earth energies and emotional healing work

  • Digital LSD

    Beta brainwave entrainment for psychedelic journeying

  • Renew

    Delta brainwave entrainment for anti-ageing

  • Vital40

    Gamma brainwave entrainment for cognitive enhancement

  • Empathway

    Hyper-gamma brainwave entrainment for developing empathy

  • Sanctuary

    Theta brainwave entrainment for deep meditation and relaxation

  • Tibet

    Combines Epsilon and Lambda frequencies for a very deep meditative experience

  • Acid Squirrel

    A vey intense visual program for pineal stimulation

What should I expect?

There are primarily two types of Pandorastar session.

Where typically you’ll experience overlapping webs of expanding and collapsing geometric patterns, all of which are visible within a single perceptual frame. As the Geometry becomes more elaborate, you become fully immersed as it surrounds you in a fashion similar to dreams. This creates the feeling that one has “broken through” into another reality, unlike anything previously experienced.

Where some visuals will be present but primarily the aim is to take you from a normal awake brain state to another of your choice, either higher or lower than your current normal level. The program will then hold you there while your brain learns this new state and becomes over time able to access it more easily at will.

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