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mon20may7:30 pmmon9:00 pmSynchronicity WalkDown the Rabbit Hole with Todd AcamesisPandoraSpa, 3-4 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y 8RQ

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If you’ve NEVER done a Synchronicity Walk with me before, check out some of my YouTube videos of past walks!

Synchronicity Walks and Your Host – Todd Acamesis…

Cost: £5 per person

I’ve been exploring consciousness since age 6, when I started having spontaneous out of body experiences. I’m now age 46, and still exploring consciousness, but nowadays, I explore with groups through my ‘down the rabbit hole’ events…

Living in London, I regularly organise Synchronicity Walks for demonstrating the raw power of Synchronicity to the uninitiated by advertising the walks in the windows of London’s alternative cafes, bookshops, and spiritual hangouts with date, time, location and a short description…

“Take a spontaneous walk across London with your intuition as your guide – and be open to having your path nudged at just the right moments to experience powerful Synchronicities, such as: timely meetings with complete “strangers”, being in the right place at the right time to witness the miraculous, discovering “hidden” realities that lead to delightful surprises, and encountering magic around every corner!”

When people show up on the night to the designated meeting point, I quickly explain that there’s no formal plan for the walk, and that there are only 5 basic guidelines to follow for experiencing synchronicities during the walk 1) we roll dice at all crossroads leaving the direction of the walk to “chance” 2) let go of any need to control the outcome 3) trust your intuition 4) never second guess your intuition and 5) be open to experiencing synchronicities

At the start of each walk, we roll the dice to get our group number, which is intuitively followed like a breadcrumb trail whenever the number occurs in meaningful ways during the walk. For example, on a past walk, we rolled the number 4 as our group number, and at a later point during the walk, we rolled the dice again for some instant Synchronicity inspiration, and amazingly, we rolled the number 4 again. Immediately, we noticed we were standing right next to the number 4 bus stop. And as if by magic, the number 4 bus arrived at that exact moment. So we trusted the signs of Synchronicity and climbed on board. Once on the bus, it began to pour with rain, but because we followed our guidance, we remained dry. Then, after finding our seats, we decided to roll the dice again to determine how many stops we should go before getting off the bus…we rolled the number 9. So, at the ninth stop, we got off the bus, and once again, experienced another perfectly timed Synchronicity, when it stopped raining. Once off the bus, we stood with our mouths wide open from shock as we read a sign plastered on the wall right in front of us – “Wait Here for Further Instructions”. So we waited, lol.

Over the years, I’ve led many Synchronicity Walks with just dice, which are the perfect tool for surrendering control and trusting a higher power to guide you in experiencing powerful synchronicities. By letting go of any need to control the direction or outcome of the walk, you allow yourself to enter a universal flow of creative energies that will intuitively guide you beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality, taking you deeper into the spiritual reality of your true self. By remaining in this state of nonresistance throughout the duration of the walk, the power of Who and What You Really Are, begins to profoundly recalibrate your nervous system, transforming your every thought. And by the end of the walk, you’ll feel more of yourself again, which will enable you to have a better relationship with everyone and everything in your everyday life. The Universe is self organizing and self correcting, which means if you’re willing to surrender control when you’re feeling lost in life or in a dark place, there’s a higher power that’s bigger than all your problems, which you can turn to in times of need.

Synchronicity Walk…

Because Synchronicity doesn’t play by mortal rules, we can expect the unexpected as we follow the trail of Synchronicity deep down the rabbit whole.

As such, if the signs of Synchronicity invite us to jump on a bus and ride it to the end of the line then we let go of fear and go with the flow, trusting the Universe will guide us true – just like a car’s GPS/Satnav.

Be sure to top up your Oyster cards on the night lol…

Synchronicity Walk “Lingo”

  • Cluster Number (a reoccurring number the Universe uses to get your attention with)
  • Rabbit Holes (interesting access ways during walks)
  • White Rabbit (anything that takes you to a different state of consciousness or location)
  • Chance It (when you let the dice decide what you do next)
  • Tempt Fate (“take a risk”, like an action that takes you outside your comfort zone)
  • Sleeper Agent (anyone not being fully present to the one true reality of love)

Cost: £5 per person

Meetup Point…

Please meet at PandoraSpa at 7.30pm sharp!

Address: 3-4 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y 8RQ

Nearest tube station is Old Street Station. Once through the ticket barrier, look out for subway 3 and take the exit towards Barbican.

For those attending, please add my mobile number to your contacts list: 07903 545 546

If you’re running late or change your mind about attending, please send me a courteous text to let me know…

I look forward to meeting everyone for this magical experience!




(Monday) 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



3-4 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y 8RQ

PandoraSpa3-4 Mallow Street, London, EC1Y 8RQ

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